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Updated: Mar 11

Who remembers my #Effortless500 Quest?

To teach 500 people an effortless meditation practice.

I started teaching back in 2013 and what a journey its been! I've met so many wonderful people and friends through it... many of you...

***If you learnt to meditate with me, drop a comment below with the year, where you learnt and the benefits you've had from the practice ***

I've taught people from the North West of Scotland to the South East of England. Held courses all around the coast of the UK when we lived on the move in our bus... I've taught family, old friends from school and early work days, new friends, friends of friends, friend's parents, friend's children, and people who just chanced upon me somewhere, like poster, FB, or in a friend's book!

At times I've offered swaps when people really wanted to come but didn't have money to exchange. I've had people pay for other people to come. I've taught mostly women, with a few men. I've taught women I work with and women I support at Women's Aid.

I've taught in person in village halls, my lounge, on farms, in art studios, schools, yoga studios (once in an arial yoga studio with harnesses hanging from the ceiling which freaked everyone out when they arrived... including me!), in nature and even on our bus!

I've taught on the phone, on Skype and on Zoom. And since I took my course online I've taught people in Ireland, the US and New Zealand.

I've taught volunteer managers, volunteers, business owners, senior managers, artists, retired folks, coaches, trainers, teachers, lecturers, holistic therapists, yoga teachers, nurses, paramedics, doctors, people living a self sufficient life, people doing the corporate thing, other meditation teachers, acupuncturists, make-up artists, DJs, dancers, actors and writers and many more.

I've taught people working in the public sector as well as the private and third sectors. Effortless meditation has had mentions and promotion in national and local press and on the radio.

And I've taught people of all faiths and none!

Like I said... What a journey!

But what about the #Effortless500 you ask? Did you do it??? Did you grow the #EffortlessTribe to 500? And where did the number 500 come from anyway?

Well... the number 500 came to me, rather than from me... it was a message I got one day... to go out and teach 500 people! (One of the big benefits from meditation for me is better access to this guidance!). At times I've had a focus on the 500 (maybe too much) and at others I've been keeping it effortless and letting people find me.

But as I approach a decade of teaching this effortless meditation practice I love so much and which has made such a difference to my life... and so many other people's lives... I've decided this is the year I hit 500!

So, I've just had a count up... and... I've taught Four hundred and twenty two!

Which means... 78 more (she quickly double checks the maths!) to reach the #Effortless500. I have 3 of those in the diary... about to learn with me, but would love to find the other 75 people and teach them before 2022 is out.

Can you help?

Do you want to be part of the #Effortless500 ... to learn an effortless meditation practice?

Can you recommend to a friend/a family member/a colleague?

Can you share with a group you're part of? (Obviously if OK, not spamming!)

Can you gather a group of people who want to learn (discounts/referral fees can be offered for groups)?

Can you share my website page with my free intro videos? www.revjoroyle.co.uk/effortless-meditation

Can you share my Facebook page or Instagram Account with a recommendation? Rev Jo Royle www.instagram.com/revjoroyle

Can you promote in another way?

Any help gratefully received! And THANKS for reading!

♡ Jo

Ps. Don't forget to comment if you're part if the #Effortless500 #EffortlessTribe

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