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Frustrated (again) at not making any progress with my broken laptop, I flopped down with a harrumphhh and a cup of tea onto the sofa. Feeling powerless and despairing... like I'd wasted so much time... going around in circles... and with no idea what to try next, none of my MS apps were working, so no email... no way of editing or creating documents... and with ceremonies to write!

As I sat drinking my tea, trying to think-it-fixed, Ganesh caught my eye. Next to a crystal on the windowsill was a tiny statue I'd bought recently. I thought a hello to him (what? You don't do that?)! And then remembered he's the unblocker of obstacles... I wondered if he could help...

That night I brought him upstairs and stood him by my laptop, asking for his help.

The next morning, leaving my personal laptop to marinade in the 'unblocking vibes', I switched on my work laptop, knowing I wouldn't have time to do anything with my broken laptop at least until that evening.

As I went through my work day, I didn't think about it... until I hit a problem with MS Word on my work laptop... it felt very similar... different error message... but it was also sending me round and round in circles with user ids and passwords...

Fearing wasting more time and feeling desperate that here I was again on another laptop, I soon called IT support (which I have for work!). It was fixed within minutes, but more importantly, the actions the support guy talked me through made me wonder if I could do something similar on my own laptop. I asked him a few questions... and he offered a couple of things to try.

His suggestions didn't fix it... but... with the little bit of extra info I had... I was able to fix it!

Well I thought it was me (& the IT support guy obvs!)... until I remembered asking for Ganesh's help! And there he was still standing by the laptop... looking all smug (or was that just my reflection in him?!).

Thankyou Ganesh

I've heard it said that there's boundless support out there for us... so many energetic presences just waiting to give us a helping hand. But they can't help unless we ask... otherwise that'd be meddling... we need to ask... to call it in. I'm calling it in, what about you?

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