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I felt so much gratitude as I walked the Solstice spiral at Findhorn this afternoon reviewing my year past... for all the joy it's brought... in whales and seals, sunrises and sunsets, swims with friends and family walks, candles and altars, art and creativity, full moons and first flowers of spring, ceremonies and relationships, standing stones and standing people (trees), silliness and stained glass, the beauty and colours of nature.

JOY was my angel quality of 2022.

I walked out of the spiral full of excitement for the year ahead... more ceremonies, a new role, new clients, a trip to Orkney, weekends with friends and family, Florence and the Machine and Arctic Monkeys concerts and new collaborations and just generally lucky enough to live on the Isle of Skye.

And picked my angel quality for 2023...


Tonight we dipped candles. What else says Solstice more than making your own candles?! 🕯

Yes I know they look like wonky blue sausages but I'm very proud of them 🤣 Thanks for teaching me @space_for_grace_scotland

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