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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

When I hold ceremony I feel like I'm always either laughing or crying!

The tears often come from being connected... to Spirit... to those for whom the ceremony is for... from hearing a couple I'm marrying speak their heartfelt truths...

And the laughter comes from everywhere... the wind blowing everything and everyone around... the giggly energy of opening to Spirit... the fairies...

This photo was from a wedding ceremony with two gorgeous women last summer... although the photo is of tears I remember so much laughter.

In a week and I half I'll hold my first memorial ceremony... for a dear friend...

I know the tears will flow for me as so often in ceremony AND I hope they won't stop me being able to speak.

Thankfully I'm not alone in the ceremony and will hold it with a sister Interfaith Minister who has held many many beautiful funerals over the years, so feel reassured in her holding.

I feel incredibly blessed to have been asked to celebrate life in this way.

It's not what I thought I'd be doing at the start of 2023... but it appears to be where I'm called ♡

Photo by the wonderful @lynnekennedyphotography whose speciality is capturing the emotions of the moment.

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