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A day in the life of an interfaith minister... Interfaith ministry isn't just about about being a celebrant. These posts aim to paint a picture of how my ministry permeates all of my life... Sunday is often a busy day for me... how do you think I spend it? Maybe you're envisaging trips to church or online services... I am a 'minister' after all! But for me spirituality isn't connected to religion. I may talk about God (if people are comfortable with the word), but that means something very different to me than the message given to me as a child in school and church. I mainly only enter churches, like lots of folk these days, for weddings and funerals. Sometimes if I happen upon an open church I might go in and sit in silence, perhaps meditate, but rarely attend a service. For me Sundays are often spent in connection with others exploring spirituality... exploring our inner worlds... Before covid I used to attend a Quaker meeting most months... in a village hall here on Skye. Although I'm not a Quaker, I have found this community welcoming and sitting together in mediation in silence for an hour a joy! I would often get quite clear guidance in that space, what Quakers would call 'ministry'. I often think meditating in a group feels more powerful than alone. I appreciate that in Quakerism everyone has their own direct connection to God (call it Spirit, the Universe, Goddess, essence, the God of your understanding, the Presence of Love, whatever works for you) intermediary is required. This Sunday I had an early mentoring triad session. Three interfaith ministers on zoom, sharing our feelings, our ministry, our lives... talking about what's important to us... what we're struggling with... where we may need some help. Although its a new relationship it has deepened quickly... in fact it seems it was deep from the very first moment! Such a beautiful connection and a gorgeous way to start a Sunday. Sometimes its about witnessing our inner worlds and at others giving practical support for our outer worlds and always nourishing and life affirming! Following that I offered spiritual counselling to a regular client. We've been working together on a monthly basis for almost a year. This relationship is about accompaniment... walking alongside... holding... hearing... witnessing... being present... supporting... feeling... healing. I'm touched by what an absolute privilege it is to be invited to accompany a person... a soul... in this way. This month's session included the use of Havening Techniques too... to provide some additional holding for the feelings and strong emotions coming up. Often the sessions will lead to regular supportive practices to work on over the month, sometimes I'll suggest a ceremony to create and hold during the month, sometimes we might meditate together. I finished the day by catching up on some admin... researching the current covid guidelines for weddings... so that I could reply to a couple I'm marrying in July! I'm excited to get beyond the practicalities to the point of crafting ceremony with them... I love to get to know couples... their beliefs....what's important to them... their vision for their relationship... how they see their union... so we can create a ceremony that is beautiful, personal and meaningful. #interfaith #minister #celebrant #religion #church #silence #quaker #meditation #ministry #deep #connection #spiritual #counselling #feeling #healing #practices #ceremony #wedding #marriage #union #crafting #creating #personal

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