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Today's Ministry was definitely FOR me not BY me.

This week has felt a bit like walking through treacle.

Communications and conversations seem to have been challenging.

What's going on with the planets? I know we're heading towards a full moon. And I wonder what Mercury, the planet that rules communication, is up to... where it is in my chart...

As a coach, facilitator and spiritual counsellor I pride myself on communications, so it hits me hard when it feels so difficult.

And I start to question myself and the value I add.

Then... as if my magic... almost as if the Universe knew (did it?!? Of course it did!) today has been a stream of gorgeous messages and support totally out of the blue...

A Facebook share I was tagged in about a conversation I'd had with a friend 6 years ago which inspired her to train as a coach...

A woman I talked to today told me a friend of hers was inspired to leave an abusive relationship from a conversation we had.

My daughter's friend telling me I am an inspiration to her 😭

A local wedding photographer offering to add me to her suppliers list. Someone else offering to pass on my details for wedding enquiries they get... and a new wedding enquiry from someone I know!

How gorgeous! Thankyou all! And thankyou Universe! 🙏🙏🙏

Inspiration comes from the Latin 'inspirare'... 'to breathe into'...

It feels this 'breathing into' is something that comes through us not from us... it is first breathed into us... and we are then able to breathe it into others.

Thankyou all for the inspiration you bring to my life. And for breathing into me just what was needed today 🥰

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