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...in holding in the light... in holding a vision of peace... in being the Presence of Love?

“LOVE” by Ukrainian artist Alexander Milov

We're gathering 'virtually virtually' (i.e. not on zoom, instead energetically) for some time between 5pm and 6pm each day.

You might sit in silence for the hour asking for wisdom to know what can be done... or just pause in your thoughts to send love as you drive your kids to sports practice... you might sing a song of hope during that time... or light a candle and imagine peace... you might write a letter to your MP urging more action or send your gratitude to the people of Russia who are risking their freedom and perhaps their lives to speak out against the war... you might walk in nature and feel all you're feeling about it or dance your grief... you might do your normal meditation practice at that time or listen in solidarity to Ukrainian music you might manage something every day and you might only manage one or two days a week...

Whatever we do, let it be enough ♡

Please feel free to share with others who are not sure what to do.

Perhaps we begin here and see where it takes us...

♡ Jo

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