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Women’s Meditation & Wellness Retreat
Isle of Skye
Thursday 2 November - Sunday 5 November 2023

Rest  .  Re-centre  .  Replenish
Settle into Winter

Visionboarding Activity

Samhain the Celtic New Year, is the perfect time to vision your year ahead...

Allow at least 1.5 hours.

With an A3 piece of coloured card, art table cloth, a stack of magazines, scissors and glue and a watch or a timer, settle yourself at the table in the retreat space.  If you think you might be disturbed, you may want to agree with those around you the time and space for you to do the activity.

As you begin, just settle yourself.  Maybe close your eyes for a few minutes... take some deep breaths... call your energy back to you...

Set the intention to vision your year ahead... to connect with your hopes and dreams... to go beyond your conscious mind.  

You might want to take note of the time or set a timer for an hour and a quarter.

Asking the question...

  • What am I called to in the year ahead?

and taking one of the magazines, flick through the pages and without thinking too hard... tear or cut out whatever captures your attention... your imagination... maybe a word, a picture, a pattern, a colour.  Notice what's calling to you intuitively, rather than gathering things your conscious mind wants or desires.

You might get distracted by the content of the magazine.  If you do, just bring your awareness back to the question.

You might want to stick as you go or create a large pile of cuttings and then sort through before you stick (I like to do the latter and notice the themes before I stick). 

As you create your collage, your visionboard... notice what you discard... what makes you question your choosing to cut it out... your mind trying to make sense of what you've chosen... what you stick but then cover up with other things... notice if the words you've collected start to tell a story... notice the themes... the colours... the patterns...

And trust the process!  This activity isn't about the destination, it's about the journey.

When you've been creating for an hour and a quarter​.  Stop (if you want, if not, carry on, obviously being aware of the retreat programme).

After you've finished, perhaps grab yourself a cuppa and then to come back to your visionboard.

As you look at your visionboard now... What's interesting to you?  What do you see?  If you turn it in all 4 directions, what do you see?

Is this collage responding to the question 'What am I called to in the year ahead?' what  you thought it was? How does it align with what's in your diary or plan for the year?   How might it align with what your loved ones have planned?

And what might all of this mean for you going forward?

You might want to capture any notes in your journal, including how you found the process, what you noticed and what you're learning about yourself.

Take a minute to thank yourself for allowing your intuition to lead... for  being creative... for playing.

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