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I've no idea how I ever managed life without regular Accompaniment!  I wouldn't be without my regular sessions now!  The space, just for me, is somewhere I can download what's going on in my inner and outer worlds... sit in and feel the feelings... find meaning in my life experiences... discover new insights... and heal. 

I've been a coach for over a decade with my coaching shifting over the years from being goals focused, in organisations, to being whole life focused including the intuitive and spiritual.  Since becoming a minister, I no longer coach, but instead bring my skills into this new way of being with people in Accompaniment.

I invite in all that supports you (honouring your beliefs)... walking alongside you, a soul friend, an 'anam cara', in deep surrender... holding space for you to be with whatever arises - be that joy, pain, fear, love, guilt, happiness, sadness, shame, grief or something else.  I support you to hear your inner wisdom, to be guided, to co-create and I hold a vision, for you, of wholeness and a fully realised life... whatever that may mean for you.  I endeavour to always hold you with gentle tenderness, without judgement, showing you how it would be to hold yourself lovingly. 

Accompaniment sessions may bring in Havening Techniques, Healing Ceremony, Effortless Meditation and other spiritual practices where beneficial and welcomed by you.

£300-£600 per set 6 sessions
~90 mins per session

"Thanks again Jo. You continue to help me change and heal - step by step.  I feel very lucky to have your support - your sessions are the most life changing of all the therapies I've had (and I've had a few!!).  You are the first person who has helped me to start feeling and healing.  Others have scratched the surface and helped me to understand things but I now know healing comes from somewhere deeper inside.  I appreciate you being part of my healing journey."


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