Meditation by the Sea

Effortless Meditation


I once travelled around the UK, living in a bus with my husband and two children, teaching meditation... guided to teach the "Effortless 500".  These days I teach from my home on the Isle of Skye (it's where we got to on our UK coastal bus tour!)

The practice I teach is a super accessible 20 minute daily practice bringing you physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits including reduced stress, clarity of purpose, access to intuition, mindfulness, healing and connection.

And if your mind has already gone into overdrive at the thought of clearing your mind... don't worry... thoughts are part of this meditation practice... you don't have to clear your mind!

Currently taught 1:1 or in small groups with video/audio recordings and a zoom teaching call.
£100 per person

There are 4 introductory videos below (~30 mins) to help you decide if you think this practice is for you...


"The practice you teach, Jo, is unlike other methods of meditation I've come across, it really is effortless! I can’t get it wrong and I don’t have to empty my mind of thoughts!  I found your teaching to be light and deep, exhilarating and calming and delivered in a safe and welcoming way.  I was surprised by the depth and internal space I discovered with your gentle guidance.  Meditation is, for me now, non-negotiable and I’m calmer, more focused, more centred, less anxious and more able to go with the flow of life.  The benefits of my meditation practice have been so obvious to those around me, everyone I know has learnt with you Jo... even my parents who now have a regular practice too."