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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

We started a new Circle of Nine on Sunday... nine women (erm well eight actually... ahh the challenge of putting the number in the name!) coming together to share, to witness, to be seen, to be heard, to feel, to notice how we're challenged, to explore, to learn, to see ourselves reflected back in the other windows of zoom... the square circle!

Gorgeous! So many synchronicities in our sharing, our seeing and hearing of one another!

We spent much of our first circle sharing what we want from it... how we want to be together... what structure might be helpful... what we're committing to... etc. All good grounding for where the circle will take us. Next time we'll dive deeper into the richness of our theme... Exploring Spirituality.

If this sounds interesting... I'm planning to start another circle in September...

Conversing with Nature

This circle will be a blend of the physical and virtual... a self directed nature quest... each of us walking or being on our own lands with questions, allowing nature to converse with us, to answer our questions and gathering on zoom afterwards to share, to witness, to explore, to reflect, to unfold.

If you're interested in being in the circle... PM me. The 'nine' includes me so a max of 8 places available

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