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I’m not like nature I AM nature So deeply rooted in the earth A giant oak Hundreds, if not a thousand years old Alive with Wonder & Awe Not imagining or embodying, but becoming … animal, fish & bird Beyond a separate self Transcending species Fire in my eyes I remember The wisdom of plants, elements, tides Moons, stars & cycles Knowledge, ripped from my ancestral line As if from stolen from the earth herself Standing at the edge of the loch Deep stillness of presence A well of reflective space Drawing me, urging me to dive in To my own depths Kissing the earth with each step Trusting I am held More than just the pull of gravity A deep gratitude for Gaia's love Repaying the debt owed by all of humanity Blowing in the wind Steadfast & strong, yet flexible, bending Allowing what is Being moved by invisible forces I am the walking breath Reclaiming the power That was always mine Self sovereignty Fully in the space of my soul, my nature Being nature

~ Rev Jo Royle

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