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Yesterday I had the honour of collaborating on an incredibly special Healing Ceremony for an amazing woman ♡

My heart is overflowing with love today and I'm so full of the energy from it I woke at 5am.

When I was ordained in 2020 I knew that Healing Ceremony would be a big part of my ministry but I didn't know what that meant or how it would come to be. Until yesterday... when it well and truly manifested!

I don't want to share about the ceremony as it feels too sacred to post about, but let me just share this...

A few years ago I was given two Spirit names by a wonderful teacher...

Grounded Eagle 🦅 and Rainbow Catcher 🌈

As I drove to the ceremony yesterday with a friend we saw not just one, but a pair, of golden eagles!

And then on our return I was taking a photo out of the car window when I realised the sunbeam in the shot was split into all the colours of the rainbow.

The ceremony held... bounded... by eagles and rainbows... I took it as a message from Spirit that this is indeed my work!

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