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Once Upon a Time...

Updated: Jun 25

There was a mischievous wee fairy, more mischievous than you can even imagine.  Having forgotten most of the old stories the people have quite forgotten how mischievous fairies can be.  But... let me tell you... very!

One day in late April (after the showers had been and gone) the mischievous fairy... as she'll be known (I'll not tell you her name as speaking it would likely call her to you and I'm not sure you'd welcome her mischief!). The mischievous fairy, having heard there was to be a wedding in the glen, had called up the wind to whip up a storm on that very day.

As the wedding party set foot in the magical glen, the wind blew and blew howling around them, blowing them from here to there and back again. 

But the bride and groom didn't arrive alone. With them came Adelaide... a kind and clever child, wise, strong and beautiful. And with her she brought Honey, not the kind bears eat, but the kind that is a name... for Honey was the name of her Highland Cow. And besides her Highland Cow, she brought a wand. A wand made of the most beautiful flowers and of willow... chosen for its flexibility and ability to bend in the wind.

As the couple came together to be married, there was no 'dearly beloved we are gathered', for this was a different kind of wedding, instead the minister kicked off her boots, standing in the peaty earth in her bare feet; Adelaide sprinkled flower petals in a circle around the couple; and the bride and groom facing one another, gazed lovingly into one another's eyes.

And as the minister was about to begin, from the very corner of her eye, she thought she saw Adelaide gave the slightest flick of her flower wand. And... although the wind still howled and howled, something magical happened,  it was as though those gathered stood in the eye of the storm as a deep peace settled over them like a cloak. Not just deep peace, but... deep love... deep connection... and a deep deep joy. All who were present could feel the magic!

Unbeknownst to most, Adelaide had been born with the powers of the fairies and although she could be mischievous at times, she mostly used her magic for good. And on that day, it was very very good. For the cloak of peace and love and of connection and joy, wrapped the wedding party and held them in the most exquisite magic throughout the ceremony. 

And as the ceremony drew to a close and Adelaide threw fistfuls of flower petals onto the joyful, now married, couple, the spell was broken. But broken only a little... for much of the peace and love and connection and joy remained and blessed their marriage and their family forevermore.

And despite, or maybe because of, the mischief of the mischievous fairy, who had only ever really wanted the couple to remember the magic of the day, they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

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