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Once Upon a Time...

Updated: Jun 25

There was a warrior queen who lived high on a cliff in her castle, known as the Fortress of Shadows on a misty isle known as Eilean a' Cheo. And when the isle wasn't too misty she loved to look out over the crashing waves to the jagged tops of the Black Cuillin, where the Dream Makers lived. 

The warrior queen, Scáthach was her name, was skilled in the arts of combat and women from far and wide travelled to her fortress to be trained in warriorship.

Centuries later, a woman who'd heard tell of the warrior queen, wished with all her might she'd trained with Scáthach, but more than wishing she could train in combat, she wished for the warrior queen's famed strength, courage and confidence.

One day, she met a mysterious man, dressed all in black, who told her his soul knew hers long before they'd met. She realised she felt it too, and they both fell deeply in love.  She told him the tale of Scáthach and her yearning for the qualities of the warrior queen. And being the kind of man who wishes for his love what she wishes for herself, they made a plan to travel to the Misty Isle and to call on the energy of the warrior queen asking her to bless the bride with all the qualities she wished for.

After what felt like days of searching, going this way and that,  the couple found the castle shrouded in mist and made a promise to one another to return to be wed the very next day.

The next day dawned bright and clear, with hardly a breeze and under a waxing moon, just after the Spring festival of Beltaine the couple were wed in the shadow of the castle, witnessed by the loch and the mountains, the directions and the elements (and a couple of humans for the legal paperwork).

Handfast with ivy symbolising friendship and fidelity on the bridge to the castle.  It felt fitting... their marriage a bridge between the sacred feminine and masculine. But the bridge was more than a metaphorical bridge it was also a threshold between the past and the future, a bridge itself between the human and the spirit realm.

And standing on the bridge on their wedding day, they travelled back through time, learning why they'd felt so drawn to one another... they had loved one another in a lifetime long ago. And as the veils thinned and they fell through time, the bride remembered... she had trained with the warrior queen! And she already had all those qualities she wished for in this life!  And calling upon Scáthach, knowing she was already blessed with strength, courage and confidence and more besides, she gave her thanks to the warrior queen.

And the couple, anointing their hearts with spring water, to mark this newness, this new standing in strength and courage and confidence, they made a vow to one another with their bodies. And with their own words, they proclaimed their undying love to one another, each taking a gemstone on their finger... she a black spinel for protection, grounding, calm, inspiration and empowerment; he a shadowkite for spiritual strength, creativity and clarity and listening to the ancient knowledge within.

Being pronounced married, they kissed as two geese flew over their heads...  two geese symbolising a new relationship... this relationship both ancient and new... with each day of their married life, a chance to meet anew, from a changed and more true self. And the geese blessed them with all the qualities geese are known for... communication and teamwork,  cooperation and fidelity, respect and loyalty, supporting one another when times are tough and being protective of one another and their offspring.

There was whisky from the quaich and music and dancing, feasting and merriment and the couple, always honouring their promise to visit Scáthach each year, lived happily ever after.

The End.

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