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I had the absolute joy of driving to Applecross to hold a beautiful Quaker style marriage ceremony.

With a bigger guest list than any of my other ceremonies to date (usually wee elopements out in the elements) I was a little nervous, but this rainbow right outside my front door was a sign that all was well... that I was held! Oh and the prayer that was mysteriously on my lounge carpet this morning... a wee cutting someone had taken from the newspaper!

The autumn colours on the drive over were incredible... I stopped for so many photos... more tourist than the tourists!

And the ceremony itself was so simple and yet so moving. There was plenty of silence as you'd expect in a Quaker style ceremony from which their guests were invited to speak something meaningful. The sharing was deeply heartfelt. It was evident how much the couple's kindness and compassion ripple out into their community from just how much they are loved.

Did I cry? Of course! I always tell my couples in our initial consultation meaning if they're after a minister who won't cry... its not me!

What an honour this work is. I'm still floating in the bubble of love marriage ceremonies always evoke.

Wishing R+N both a lifetime of love ♡♡

And thanks to all my Minister buddies for sending love this afternoon as the ceremony began. Your love and holding is always appreciated ♡

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