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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Just did my first virtual virtual (which has come to mean connecting in spirit not on zoom!) holding of COP26 after we gathered in person (on zoom!) yesterday...

At 8.30am I lit candles and meditated.

In my meditation I was led up a staircase and into a room where a spiral of women (& perhaps men too, deeply connected with their inner feminine) were all sending love...

It was beautiful. The love was palpable, visible and the spiral seemed to amplify it!

Sending love to ALL beings including those who continue to do the damage to our earth whether through lack of awareness or lack of care.

Yesterday in the meditation I had a sense that it must be ALL... kind of like a shamanic soul retrieval where we welcome back all the parts of ourselves we've cast off... loving ourselves back into wholeness... this loving of ALL will love all of humanity back into wholeness.

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