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This morning I had a supervision session which brought up lots of feelings which have been hanging around the past couple of weeks... flat... joyless... unseen... invisible... alone...

I started to go into the why... the 'becausing' as I call it... searching for the reasons... I'm less busy... my husband is super busy... my role at work has changed... blah blah blah...

And then I read a post from my lovely friend @loveyourlifeinspirations about being in that place of searching for the cause of the difficult emotions and hearing a little voice whisper 'can you just meet them with love?'

So beautiful!

So that's what I did! I met the feelings with love and love told me to put down the task list and take myself out into nature with my paints... and inks... and pastels... and charcoal!

When feeling mixed emotions meet with love and mixed media art!

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